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Salento "Heel of Italy"

Salento to visit
Giardino dei Pini

More than 250 km of coastline, mainly flat and sandy from one side, high and indented from the other side. The entire province of Lecce, with a multitude of towns and hamlets, made of white houses and typical narrow roads, as well as the local crafts, immersed in the green of centuries-old olive trees and vineyards, bordered by the characteristic dry stone walls. Then a large share of the provinces of Taranto and Brindisi (from Ostuni downward) with many cities rich in tradition and culture and equally charming landscapes of the Apulia region. The ancient Land of Otranto, which was inhabited since ancient times by the Messapi, this region is known as salentine peninsula and heel of Italy, because of its elongated shape, which defines the toe of the boot. Santa Maria di Leuca is the extreme summit of the boot, in particular, “Punta Ristola”, according to the legend, represents the place which separates Adriatic sea from Ionian sea. Also the most eastern point of Italy belongs to Salento, where each day the sun rises first: Punta Palascìa, near Otranto, a charming town on the Adriatic sea, that for this reason is known as the east gate. Sun, sea and a pleasant breeze during a still hot and often torrid summer season, which crosses over the boundaries set by the calendar and goes from May to mid-October. The winter season is mild with pleasant temperatures and often sunny days. About 1,400 different kinds between plants and flowers. Olive tree, almond tree and fig tree, to mention the most well-known of them, and then the vivid colours of the Mediterranean maquis, poppies and many types of orchids. But Salento is especially a cultural entity.

S.P. 266 - 73040 Marina di Alliste
Località Posto Rosso (Felline, Lecce) Italy

Telefono +39.0833.931209
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Come raggiungerci
In auto:
Autostrada A14 - uscita Bari nord, seguire la tangenziale Brindisi - Lecce, nei pressi di Lecce imboccare la Tangenziale Ovest per Gallipoli - Santa Maria di Leuca (S.S. 101 fino a Gallipoli, S.S. 274 da Gallipoli a Santa Maria di Leuca). Dopo Gallipoli seguire per Santa Maria di Leuca, uscita Felline/Marine di Ugento (Km 14). Da qui seguire segnaletica dell’Albergo e Resort Giardino dei Pini.

In treno:
Ferrovie dello Stato, Stazione di Lecce
Ferrovie del Sud Est: Stazione di Racale-Alliste

In aereo:
Brindisi Aeroporto “Papola-Casale” (km 90 circa)
Bari Aeroporto “Palese” (km 220)